On Site Servicing and Repairs

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Our field staff is equally conversant in these technologies, and our well equipped field vehicles ensure that when our staff arrives on site, we will have the equipment necessary to deal with most jobs. A thorough investigation prior to our visiting usually ensures that we can get you up and running with minimum delay. We offer a 24/7 service (costs & fees apply) to our clients to ensure that our clients, contractors and farmers alike are satisfied.

Servicing is a specialty, and our experience has shown us that this is a significant opportunity for our clients to ensure that their plant maintenance costs are kept to a minimum. Pre-failure repair is inevitably always cheaper to respond to, and we are only too happy to provide examples where pre-failure maintenance has been ignored. As part of our commitment to our customers, a visual inspection is carried out to assist in identifying future needs. Urgent work is notified to the client on the spot, particularly if we are able to deal with the problem at the time. If we identify that there is minimal short term risk, you will be notified by phone, and our comprehensive database will ensure that we capture this information for future discussions.

Our invoicing system is highly critical, and we ensure that the customer has an in depth report as part of the invoice so that there is clarity in terms of the work undertaken.

Many of our competitors may offer cheaper rates, however the ability to provide service and maintenance will be significantly constrained. We are in business to ensure that we supply our client with the best price AND the best experience achievable and we believe that we achieve this successfully. Too often we find that competitors are offering cheaper hourly rates, however we are more than aware of the associated costs of ensuring that our client receives a quality outcome, and the impact of cutting corners. Our objective is to ensure that we have minimized our customers long terms costs and we see no value in performing a poor quality job, or seeing cost overruns due to lack of technical support. We advise all clientele to ensure that they are thorough when making enquiries regarding the servicing of their plant and machinery. Poor servicing technique, a lack of technological knowledge or equipment, lack of training and experience and a lack of technical documentation may lead to some savings in the short term; however, the failure to address many of the technological requirements can be financially devastating in the future.