Parts and Accessories

  • Oils, lubes and greases
  • Bulbs, sparkplugs, switches, fuses and other assorted electricals
  • Nuts, bolts, screws, washers, clips, springs, pins and seals
  • Hydraulic fittings and hoses
  • Bearings, filters, belts, pads, hoses, ball joints and gaskets
  • Mower blades, chainsaw chain and blades
  • Engineering steel, aluminium and bronze
  • and more!

PTS Plus is part of a comprehensive national parts and accessories network. Linked to suppliers via online services we can advise prices, stock levels and availability of items at the touch of a button. If there is something you are after, feel free to give us a call or click ‘HERE’ to go to our online ‘Contact’ page and we will get back to you asap.



Parts Room