Husqvarna Attachments

Most Husqvarna products come with an extensive range of attachments for both home use and commercial applications, so that you can make the most of your machine all year round.

Not all are listed here in our website, so do ask for a full catalogue or talk to our representative. If there is a job you want done, we can advise on the base machine and attachments to suit your situation.

Attachments for Ride-ons could include (depending on the model):  catcher, spreader, utility bucket, sweeper, brush, collector, dump cart, trailer, flail mower, mulching kit, discharger, etc.

Attachments for Trimmers or Blowers could include (depending on the item and model):  pole saw, sweeper, edger, bristle brush, dethatcher, extension, cultivator, etc

For Commercial applications – see the section on Husqvarna Commercial Front Mower Attachments.

Attachmentsflail-mower-16f24c32Tractor TrailerBrush Comm

Plenty of options to get your Husqvarna working harder.

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