Panaerator SL2800

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A cultivator for breaking a pan or pugged pasture.




Options & Accessories

  • Bizalloy grade steel legs
  • Cast steel knock-on points
  • Shear bolt protection
  • Replaceable leading edge Ni-Hard 4 wear shins


Dimensions & Capacities

Width (mm) 2800
Width – with crumbler / roller (mm) 3570
Length (mm) 2040
Length – with crumbler / roller (mm) 3200
Leg centres (mm) 600
Hp required 150
Weight (kg) 860
Weight – with crumbler / roller (kg) 1200
Max depth 500

Special Features

STF 6717Winged foot for more shatter, with knock-on points
STF 6718Depth adjustable disc coulters are optional
STF 6728Adjustable rear roller / crumbler is optional
STF 6729“V” design of frame for easier pulling
STF 6709Shear bolt protection on all legs
STF 6732Replaceable leading edge wear shins on the legs