320 Roller Drill

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Options & Accessories

  • Rubber encased roller axle bearings
  • 3″ roller axles
  • Jack stand
  • Safety chains on drawbar
  • Deflector tabs on each end of the frame
  • Turnbuckle for drawbar adjustment
  • Safety support chain for transport
  • Agitator shaft and vees in bottom of boxes
  • Weigh kit

Dimensions & Capacities

9FT 10FT
Working width (mm) 2780 3105
Overall width (mm) 3125 3455
Length (mm) 4170 4170
Height (with wheels up) (mm) 2010 2010
Weight (unladen) (kg) 2340 2600
Box capacity (approx) (L) 441 488

Special Features

roller drill 096Option of hydraulic wheels
roller drill 043Hydraulically operated clutch for engaging and disengaging the drive
roller drill 021Lighting kit is standard on the Roller Drill
roller drill 008High/low ratio giving a greater range of sowing rates
roller drill 027Seed is diverted into this tray for easy and accurate calibration
roller drill 054Agitator shaft is standard to help prevent seed compaction and vees for better seed flow