Husqvarna Other Accessories

Battery Charger BC 0.8 12V/0.8  $139 inc gst

Battery Status Indicator (Eyelet M6 to retrofit most tractors  $22 inc gst

FM Radio Hearing Protectors  $229 inc gst

Rear Deflector to suit CTH Models  $223 inc gst

Loading Ramp (set of 2) Curved  $500 inc gst

Rider Cover – large  $189 inc gst

Tractor Cover – large  $179 inc gst

Tractor Seat Cover  $91.95 inc gst

Tractor Blade 48″  $1400 inc gst

Tractor Scoop  $1,550 inc gst




For all details and specifications on these items, please ask for a catalogue or speak to our representatives.