Husqvarna Tow Behind Attachments

Spreader  $389 – $999 inc gst

Tow Behind Aerators  $3299 – $3599  inc gst

Dump Cart/Tilt Trailer  $399 inc gst

Tow Behind Sprayer  $1259 inc gst

Collector Bins (big range)  $549 – $4299 inc gst

Drive Kits  $449 inc gst

Weight Kit (non commercial)  $549 inc gst




There are so many accessories available for Husqvarna products.  To be sure you get the right base machine to add the right accessories for your situation, collect the latest catalogue from our showroom or speak to our representative.


Handy spreader with easily adjustable flow, for smaller areas. Can be used for spreading fertiliser and seeds in your garden, as well as ice melt during winter season. If used with salt, make sure to clean spreader hopper and tubes after use, to prevent corrosion.

Tractor Spreader

75kg  42″  $999 inc gst (photo)

30kg  46″  $389 inc gst


Tow Behind Aerators

Husqvarna towable aerators have the capacity to aerate up to four acres per hour. Two independent tine rotors with 32 or 40 interchangeable closed spoon tines provide superior manoeuvrability around corners and tight areas. Optional weight containers allow you to adjust the weight to ensure optimal soil penetration. Rear mounted tip wheels allow the unit to pass through narrow openings.

Ta48 Aerator

TA36  36″  $3299 inc gst

TA48  48″  $3599 inc gst


Dump Cart/Tilt Trailer

Tractor Trailer

H-TRAILER  HDC255  $399 inc gst

Tow Behind Sprayer

95 litre  $1259

Collector Bins

Tractor Collector

42″ Collector 3-Bin (for RZ manual clutch)  $979 inc gst   (GC42RZ-3)

46″ Collector 2-Bin (for Z/RZ Series)  $979 inc gst  (GC46RZ)

42″ Collector 2-Bin (for Z Series ClearCut Deck)  $979 inc gst  (GC42CCZ)

42″ Collector 2-Bin (for RZ Fab Deck)  $2399 inc gst  (GC42RZF)

54″ Collector 3-Bin (for Z/RZ Series)  $979 inc gst  (GC54RZ)

With Blowers

48″ Collector 3-Bin (for Z/RZ Series)  $2399 inc gst  (GC48EZ-2)

52″ Collector 3-Bin (for MZ52)  $2399 inc gst  (GC52MZ)

61″ Collector 3-Bin (for (MZT61)  $2599 inc gst  (GC61MZT)

54″ Collector 3-Bin (must add DRIVE KIT listed below)  $3599 inc gst  (GC54PZT) (photo below)



54″ & 60″ Operator Controlled Discharge Shute (for PZ Series Side Discharge)  $549 inc gst  (OCDC)

A simple pull of the lever temporarily closes off the cutting deck’s discharge opening when mowing along sidewalks, roads, flower beds etc. ensuring added efficiency and property protection while mowing.


Collector 3-Bin with Blower (must add either 54″ or 60″ DRIVE KIT listed below)  $4299 inc gst  (GCPZ)


Drive Kit

54″  (for PZ series)  $449 inc gst

60″  (for PZ series)  $449 inc gst

Weight Kit

Optional Weight Kit for PZ series  $549 inc gst