Nov 15th Newsletter

Well it mid-month and let’s see what hot.

So far this month it has been the time for C-Dax and In-Ex product. Between 3 Point-Linkage spray outfits and tow behind Eliminators (Weed Wipers) plus ATV Spray riders we have been kept busy supplying and assembling.

As the weather warms the soil temp rises, and with a little rain the weeds and Californian thistles also begin to pop up and flower. This in turn has the grass growing, not yet enough for most farmers to be locking up paddocks for silage or hay so keeping the weeds down in good pasture is what it has been about. Never the less grass is growing and that means the lawn still needs cutting.

Currently we have some awesome specials going on with our Husqvarna products. If you purchase any Husqvarna Ride on Mower, you will receive a free Husqvarna Line Trimmer valued at $299.00, there’s some added value right there. Now there is no excuse for someone to leave the edges when mowing the lawn.

Stop in and see us for a coffee and a chat I’m sure we have what you need.

Now for an important date, November 24th is our Grand Opening, re-launch if you like. Super specials will be going on as well as a sausage sizzle to keep the hunger bugs at bay… we would love for you to drop in and say hi.

See you next time!